Picmotions Home: For Love Of Country

Welcome to PicmotionS: “For Love of County”. This blog provides a centralized location where amazing moments in military members’ careers can 
be told. It functions as a friendly, online environment that both highlights the valiant service of the men and women in our Armed Forces and facilitates
 sharing of stellar instances such as retirements, promotions and military awards.

The title, “For Love of Country”, characterizes the reasons why so many Americans serve our great nation and is intended to elicit inspiration, as
 well as capture the imagination. “For Love of County” will encourage individuals to chronicle their own experiences, so the that they maybe 
shared as stories of honor or as photographic relics, which highlight the outstanding service of our Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, Marines, Seaman and
 Soldiers. The blog’s extended audience will be offered the opportunity to read about the extraordinary moments in the service of our Armed Forces’
members as they continue to defend the United States of America, around the world.

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